Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brain Break Mania or...How Save Your Sanity

The first few weeks of school are a little rough. None of us are quite ready to be cooped up all day, or  to sit and focus especially the kids! We do brain breaks all year long throughout the day, but at the beginning of the year we tend to do/need more of them more often. These are some of our favorites!

First the high tech ones... I have these all set up and linked on a slide in SMART notebook so all we have to do is click and go!

Just Dance Kids 2 - Despicable Me

We love that even the skeleton dances!

The Jungle Jive

 Our favorite part is the hedgehog part at the end, the kids yell "HEDGEHOGS"!

Just Dance Kids 2 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Can you find the hidden lion!?

Just Dance Kids 2 The Hokey Pokey

One of my kiddos is flat out obsessed with song!

Just Dance Kids 2 - The Gummy Bear Song

What can I say... even the bears like to bop!

Children's Zumba-Waka Waka

Even the older girls ( fifth and sixth graders) I have in afterschool clubs LOVE this one!

Children's Zumba-BoroBoro

Another favorite of my older girls!

Just Dance Kids 2 - Jump Up

I love this one because the kid in front cracks me up!

 Bop Until You Drop
A great old Steve and Greg song live and in action!

Ready Set Dance
More fun with Steve and Greg!

Going on a Bear Hunt
This year's number one kid favorite!

Just Dance Kids - Monkey Dance

My wild animals love this one!

 Dance Kids 2 - I'm Gonna Catch You

Another favorite for this year's bunch!

Just Dance Kids 2 - Five Little Monkeys

Great for a classroom full of monkeys!

Just Dance Kids - Kung Fu Fighting

Guess who loves this one... yep let's hear it for the boys!

 Here are some low tech ones, they are just as fun as the ones listed above, and fast to do!

This game gives their brain a real workout, but they will never know. It is best played with a little music, but it can be played without if nothing is available. For this game everyone stands around the circle. Have everyone put their left hand out to their side with the palm up and flat.  They then rest the tip of their right pointer finger in their neighbor’s palm. When every gets set up (this takes a while the first several times you play it with a new group of kids) the music starts to play. When the music stops (if there is no music just yell gotcha) each player tries to pull their finger up before their neighbor grabs it, and at the same time tries to grab their neighbor’s finger. If you get caught you’re out and you get to dance in the middle. (You can also get two circles going and those that are out switch circles)

Wonder ball

I love games that can be played everywhere and anywhere.  All you need for this game is a small ball or stuffed toy (like a beanie baby). The item is passed around the circle as everyone sings this song:

The wonder ball goes round and round

To touch it you are surely bound

So hold it not

If you’re the one to touch it last

The game for you has surely passed

And you are out

Whoever is left holding the ball is out and they must sit and watch. Like Gotcha you can get two circles going and students can switch circles when they get out.

Silent Ball

The rules of this game are simple, and it can be played anywhere. All you need is something small and soft to toss. I normally use a small Koosh ball, but if one is not available any small soft ball or beanie baby style stuffed animal will work.  To remain “in” this game you must be silent. If you talk you are out, and you sit down! You can also get out by throwing the ball to far/hard, and failing to make eye contact with the receiver (depending on the group you can also have those who drop the ball be out). The teacher starts out with the ball, and makes eye contact with one student who is close by before softly tossing the ball to them. The student does the same, and the game continues on until the teacher says “mine” then the ball is thrown back to them and the game is over.
Have fun brain breaking!
P.S. Be on the lookout for my Halloween brain breaks coming at the end of September!


* Please note I do not own these videos, they are posted here strictly for entertainment purposes and no copyright infringement in intended.

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  1. Would you be willing to repost the video of Jungle Beat? Music teachers everywhere would be so grateful...it's fantastic. Thank you for sharing!