Friday, July 19, 2013

On the Road to Retelling

I'm always looking for new and interesting ways for my students to retell stories they have read. One day I saw an idea on Pinterest one day where students walked a retell road  drawn on a huge piece of butcher paper. I thought it was a neat idea for one or two kids in a large space, but for my class it just didn't work so I modified it to work for us. I drew an curvy road on a piece of chart paper and wrote the title of our shared reading book at the top. As a "we-do" the class retold the story as I drew picture clues along the road. When we finished I talked about how giving a retell is like telling someone about a walk you went on... "You wouldn't tell about each and every little rock and piece of grass you saw, you would tell about the big important things". After that several children took a turn using the chart to retell the story. I have never seen kids so eager to retell, and their retells were amazing!

 After we have done this a few times the kids will draw the pictures for our group retells and create their own retell roads for books they have read during guided reading or read to self.
Happy Retelling!

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