Friday, January 10, 2014

Mixing it up in Math

Thought for today... necessity is the mother of invention  finding very odd and specific apps. Every Friday we mix it up a little during math when our amigos from the dual immersion class come and join us for math games. This week I found a really fun, and engaging math game at Teacher's Pay Teachers  Color By Sum: Winter Version

To play this game each pair of students needs three dice, but I have a love hate relationship with dice because they... are loud, can be thrown at other people, roll away and need to be chased, tend to end up at the bottom of a tub or drawer where I can never find them when I need them, and throwing dice is a little boring! I also don't have enough for 19+10= 29 kiddos to use at once. So I decided to hunt up an app for rolling dice, and I found a great one Dice Roll Free! We just love it, because you can roll from 1-6 dice at a time, it doesn't add the dice up for you, AND you have to shake the iPad to roll the dice! It's simple, fun, and just right for us!

First you shake,shake,shake the iPad (the kids loved this part)!

(Just a side note... these two picked each other as partners. She speaks mostly Russian, he speaks mostly Spanish. LOVE it)

                                                                                      Then, you add up all three dice.

 Next you color in the section on your paper with the answer in it (if you have it).

Whoever colors in all their sections first wins.

They could have played this game for hours. I doubt we'll ever use regular dice again! They were so much more engaged then they normally are with dice games!

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