Friday, August 29, 2014

A New Year, a New Name, and a Really New Class... Sort of

Hello bloggy people :) I know it's been a long time, but I decided to just let summer be summer and for me that did not include blogging. I love it, but I needed a break! Now that I am back, and in full swing with my monsters   sweet students! I'm back to blogging. Many of you are probably wondering why I have changed the name of my "fabulous" blog! Well, it just didn't fit anymore because I am now teaching a ONE/TWO split. Yes, in this crazy common core world I agreed to teach a one/two split! I now have thirteen first graders, and seven second graders. The super seven as I call them are kiddos I had last year, and the my fabulous firsties came from all of the kinder classes! They are meshing really well as a family, and we are finding our way along this path that is new to all of us, teacher, coach, and principal included! Sometimes I think I'm crazy, and at others I think it was the best idea ever. When in reality it's probably a little of both! In spite of that fact we are all a little crazy... or wacky if you will. I hope you enjoy our journey through this year! I know we will do great things! See you soon, and stay tuned to find out why I said caio to chairs...

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