Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why I Teach

Lately there is a lot in the news about how tough it is to be a teacher, and how veterans are telling others that "It's not worth it to become a teacher". Union drama... school board issues....common core...DIBELS... standardized testing... evaluations...salary ! It is a lot, and it is STRESSFUL, this year more than ever I am stressed . The 1st/2nd split is AWESOME beyond compare for my kiddos, but it is crazy stressful for me. In spite of all that I don't think I would ever give it up, or encourage  a young aspiring teacher to do the same because IT IS WORTH IT! Last week one of my littles learned to cross his mid-line... he can count by fives while bringing his knees up and touching them with his opposite hand!! We've been working on that all year, and my whole class was sooooo excited for him! On Sunday I spent three hours sitting in a Russian church service because I was invited by one of my kiddos who was singing and reciting poetry in honor of Russian Thanksgiving (her part was thirty minutes max...and all in Russian). I left with a tummy full of yummy Russian food, a plate full of Russian dessert (to share with the other teachers), and a heart full of love because she was so excited that I came that she could barley contain herself. She came to me straight from Russian immersion last October, and is one of my super seven second graders . Her growth this past year is all I need for all the stress, and drama to be worth it. This is a narrative she wrote this week.  I did a cut and paste straight from her Google folder so you can see how amazing she is. It's not perfect, but here is why IT IS WORTH IT...

First when I was at school I was at level 2 and then I was at level 10.After that I got a priz. Then I was so so SO excited because I was at level 20 my mom was so impresst and so was Ms.C.

By S

P.S. I just had to get this off my chest, but check back tomorrow and I'll add pictures !

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