Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blogging our First Year with 1:1 iPads Week six

Week six and we are still learning new things and going strong! Every week the kids get better and better at downloading the apps they need for class, and only a few still need help with their iTunes passwords. Before long they will all have it down.

Thanks to a teacher friend I found a great app for publishing, and Work on Writing (Daily Five). It's called Primary Writer and my kiddos love it so far.

They loved working with this app! I like it because it really shows them how their own writing should look...finger spaces, handwriting etc. The scary thing is that some of them type much faster than they write! Next we will use this app to publish our personal narratives.

Here is what "A" did during the first few minutes of Work on Writing.

The crazy/maybe scary thing is that tons of them type faster than they write. I'm not sure what to think about that one...

Another big step for us was sharing in Google docs. After our last Google docs experience I knew that if it was going to work it was going to be a small group thing. I took the four kids with the best iPad skills and taught them how to share things with me. They were all SUCCESSFUL sharing images (from primary writer, and quick documents they typed up!!!! Google docs can be so glitchy though ugg!! It will be a headache sometimes but we can make it work.

Miss "H" my biggest techie sharing her Primary Writer image it said "I love you Ms. C".This involved taking a screen shot which she could already do (I didn't teach her) this chica rocks her iPad!!

Two more of my more techie kiddos "A and D" typing up little notes to me in Google docs.

Because we do math games with the dual immersion kiddos on Fridays we have a small amount of time at the end of the day that isn't really long enough for anything so they have a few minutes where they get to choose between a couple of our math apps. This week it was...
line em up

Sushi Monster

and Slate Math

This week was also the first week of clubs at our school. I teach photography to about 16 kids in grades 1-6 every Thursday. Last year we shared four three (one was dropped on the black top) cameras which was not so much fun! We also had to edit with Picasa on old laptops... also not so fun! Now that they all have iPads things are so much better. This week we used Aviary to edit  their pictures.

"M" was in photography last year so she's an old pro! She edited this photo (minus the heart) herself.

Here are some of my second graders taking pictures to edit

More editing fun... "Miss H" caught on fast!

Non iPad bonus picture: Playing school during their "free choice" rotation during Daily Five
little miss "D" was doing read aloud...she even shared the focus from the focus board!
See ya next week!

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