Friday, October 18, 2013

Blogging our First Year with 1:1 iPads Week Seven

Each and every week my kids amaze me! Sometimes it's hard to believe that they're only first graders. We had to download a new app (more on that later) a few kids have it, but the rest got it downloaded in less than FIVE minutes! Not bad for kids who had never even touched a tablet just seven weeks ago!

RIP spelling free! Last week our iPads were updated for security and ios7. This week we discovered that our spelling app didn't like ios7 so much. A+ spelling never really worked for us so I got my research on and discovered all the amazing things you can do with the Spelling City app.

This app puts all the power of the website at our finger tips. The app is totally free, but there are other options that can be set up on their website. I went ahead and got a premium membership! I've been wanting to do different spelling lists for some of my kiddos for awhile, I just didn't feel like I was differentiating enough! With one list for the whole class some were being set up to fail, and others were bored silly! I just didn't know how to fit in four different spelling tests each week. Now I can have four different spelling lists so everyone can work just where they need to be! They can practice all week with their own list, test on Friday during their Daily Five, and it just saves right to the system for me. I don't even have to grade it or record it. It's all automatic. They don't even have to e-mail it !!! The free version would be perfect for teachers who only want to use one list, but I wanted more!  The best part of this app... I can upload the lists one time each!! NOT one time per kid. THANK GOODNESS!

Practicing is fun! They love it!


Test success!

One of the my favorite things was when some of my kiddos shared the writing they had done  in Primary writer. Normally when they share they have a hard time reading loud enough for everyone to hear because they have to face the SMART board or the document camera. With our Air Server we just link them up and let them go for it!

We also had a great week in photography! It was a beautiful fall day so we headed outside to get some nature shots.

They like to show off their photos and watch each other edit with Air Server!

I also wanted to share two of the best photos the kids took  and edited this week!

These were taken by two of my older girls, aren't they talented!?!

To finish up our week we cuddled up with good books during Daily Five!

Life is good!

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