Friday, November 8, 2013

Blogging our First Year with 1:1 iPads Week Ten

This post could also be titled mix it up week. I mixed it up with parents and conferences, my brain is mixed up from exhaustion, and the kiddos mixed it up by combining more traditional work with work done on their iPads.

To start with we used counters in combination our Flash to Pass app to solidify our knowledge of facts. They really liked using the counters along side their iPads!

We also took the publishing plunge and spent a lot of time turning the rough drafts of our personal narratives into typed final copies on Primary Writer. About half have finished their final copies, and they were so excited and proud of their finished product. They look so grown up glancing between their iPads and writer's notebooks as they typed! We don't have an air printer or e-mail so they had to go through quite a process to get the job done...
1. Type their piece
2. Take a screen shot
3. Upload it to Google docs
4. Share it with me
5. Wait for me to print it
6. Add an illustrated border that matched their story

It may not seem like a lot, but when you're six or seven this is HUGE!! Here are some of my sweeties hard at work.

Stay tuned next week for the finished products ... and a really cool bulletin board if I do say so myself!

Yes it's a giant iPad, their writing will be displayed like apps!

P.S. First graders get very crabby when you teach their parents how to use guided access mwahaha!!

See ya next week!

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