Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blogging our First Year with 1:1 iPads Weeks Eleven and Twelve

Long time no blog...sorry this time of year is crazy, crazy, crazy, but here we go. During week ten I finished my bulletin board with our writing from primary writer.In this picture we were still missing a few pieces, but it will do.
During week ten I also got smart during Daily 5! I pick one or two Pipgeeks each day to be tech support, and they handle all the iPad issues so I can teach guided reading uninterrupted.

That week was also conferences...let's just say the kids were not so happy when I taught their parents about guided access mwahaha.

Week eleven was tons of fun! We've been studying solids and liquids so the kids made picture collages of each.

They loved going around the room shooting pictures of liquids and solids.

Their collages turned out really great!

We have really been working at mixing up work on the iPads with more traditional work. One day we did rainbow writing during Daily 5 with Doodle buddy.

They had to write each spelling word in five different colors, the motion of writing with their finger on the screen has a really different feel to it that helps many of my more tactile learners.

They also had to sort words they read or heard in their Raz-Kids books by syllables(we're still working on syllables forgive our mistakes) and write them on a class chart.

I also tried blogging on the iPad... it has it's pros and cons!
See you soon for a non iPad Thanksgiving post.

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