Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Everything is all Right or Maybe it's Left...

As part of our social studies standards we have to teach our kiddos their left from their right. I know I could find some boring worksheets where they have to circle the ball on the right or circle the tree on the left, but as we've already established I'm not a very worksheety teacher, and I get bored easily! With that in mind I found something more fun! I saw this idea somewhere, and borrowed it. For the past week I have been putting yummy smelling cotton candy Lip Smackers on the kids right hands. They smell them all the time, and know that the hand they're smelling is their right hand. Simple, easy, and fun (it also makes for a nice reward if needed). Gotta love muscle memory! 

I choose the big fat Lip Smackers to cover the most area!

Now that we have a fairly firm grasp on left and right we get to play Left Center Right LCR ( this link gives details on how to play, but I'll give you the basics). I played this once at a party (adults play this as for money, but we use math counters) and thought it would be a fun way to practice left and right. Everyone sits in a circle, and each kiddo gets three math counters. 
Then they roll the dice ...

If you roll a dot you get to keep your counter. If you roll a C you have to put it in the center of the circle, and if you roll an L or R you pass a counter to the person on that side of you.

When you're out of counters you watch until someone has to pass you one, or until there is only one person left with counters. The last person left with counters is the WINNER! The kiddos love this game, and we have a lot of fun with it. It's also a great way to practice sportsmanship and taking turns!

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