Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Going BIG... also known as publishing to YouTube

 In the high tech world we live in there are so many opportunities for our students to get their writing out there for the world to enjoy. One way that my students and I love to do this is by publishing our writing to YouTube. We have done this a couple of ways, and both work great! First we published our animal reports by paring a voiceover of students reading their report with a photograph of the students chosen animal.

 It turned out great and you can find them here 1st Grade Animal Reports
During summer school we studied poetry, and I photographed their writing and illustrations before adding a voice over of them reading their poetry.

Which you can check out here Safari Poetry
Knowing that they get to publish to the web... and not just to the hallway has really been a great incentive for my little monkeys to finish up those final copies!
We created these videos using a free app from iTunes called face talker. It looks like this
 and you can click on the following link to download it from iTunes. It does have a creepy moving mouth feature, but we just pull the mouth down and out of they way to make it work for us! I also post our writing in the hallway, along with a QR code that takes people directly to our playlist!
Happy Publishing!!!

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