Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blogging our First Year with 1:1 iPads Week Thirteen

Well week thirteen has come and gone, here is a look at what we've been up to...

My math resource wanted us drawing  what they call quick images of various 2D shapes on whiteboards with dry erase markers. I don't have enough of either, and they're messy! What's a teacher to do!?!? Easy, whip out the iPads, and open doodle buddy (our white board app). Engaging, fun, not messy, and I didn't have to hunt up boards and markers!

P.S I also didn't use the OVERHEAD TRANSPARENCIES provided by the resource!! I just used images I found in SMART thank you very much. Seriously?!?!? Transparencies!?!?! 1985 called they want their technology back!!! 

 As you can see we're learning about shapes, so I found several free tangram apps (our math calls them pattern blocks) to supplement what they do with the actual manipulatives in their workbooks.

I had them download

 Pocket Tangrams

These apps are all very different, and each offers a different level of play. I have some kids who are better at these than I am, and several of them have moved on to harder versions they found on their own. I love when they can take what I give them and run with it. These iPads provide that in an amazing way.

To finish up the week I gave them some free explore time with a new app we are going to use during writing next week. They need a little more free explore time before we start, but then they will be ready to rock.

This app lets them draw and type, not just add pictures, which is what I like about it. We start drafting circle stories (like If you Give a Mouse a Cookie) on Monday! They each get to make their own book!

Oh, I forgot!! Elfie loves the iPads too, Silly Elfie iPads are for people!

See you next week!

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