Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Week One

Since this is my first Christmas in my OWN classroom I just had to get a class elf for my kiddos. They named him Elfie... yes creative I know, but that's what they picked! He arrived in a bag along with his book when we came back from Thanksgiving break. The kids were so excited, when he moved during lunch and ended up riding our class pet, Harry Hippo, like a horse.
The next day he moved to the top of our projector...

That one kept the kids spinning, because from up there it really does look like he's watching everybody!

After that he hijacked some leftover snack, a pillow, and an iPad (left at school by mistake). He played candy crush all night long...

They were fascinated!!

Next he decided to play school with our reading buddies...

To round out his first week he had some fun with our interlocking cubes!

Stay tuned for more of Elfie's antics, and happy Elfing!

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