Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun

Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in data, and standards, and testing that we forget to make memories with our students. With that in mind I try to do fun things during the week before we go on any break. For Thanksgiving we reinacted A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving complete with a readers theater and fun feast. We started off the week by reading a fun e- book version of the story. Then I created a readers theater version with parts at various reading levels so all my kiddos could participate. We practiced each day during guided reading so we would be prepared for our big day. The kids also created invitations for various staff members inviting them to our "brunch theater". Friday morning we worked hard to create our feast. Everyone had a blast, and we made memories to last a lifetime!

Check it out...

Who could ask for a better feast than...

Jelly beans




And toast with butter!

The big performance

Some of our honered guests


Here we are feasting, and making memories!


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